Access the SuiMint website via and connect your wallet.


To browse existing Suirc20 inscriptions ready for minting, users can view them on the “Tokens” page and their general information. and check their total supply, current holders, minted amount and limit per mint.


There are several parameters you need to understand:

  • Tick: the unique identifier of a Suirc20 token series
  • Total supply: the maximum supply amount of a Suirc20 token
  • Minted: how many tokens have been minted by users for the particular Suirc20
  • Progress: the proportion of the minted amount to the total supply of this Suirc20
  • Holders: how many unique wallet addresses are holding this Suirc20
  • Limit (limit per mint): the maximum minted amount allowed for a single mint

Mint an Inscription

If you want to mint a particular Suirc20 inscription, move to the “Inscribe” page and select the “Mint” tag. Enter the tick of the inscription you would like to mint, enter the amount you want for a single mint (can’t exceed the limit per mint for this particular inscription) and how many mints you want to repeat. Currently you can repeat up to 10 mints each time.


After entering all the inputs, click “Next” to call your wallet to proceed. You need to approve corresponding times for minting transactions in your wallet just as the “Repeat” times you selected. After you approve all the transactions, your minting request will be fully completed.


Transfer Inscriptions

You may want to transfer your Suirc20 inscriptions to others. Just simply switch to the “Transfer” tag under the “Inscribe” page, enter the inscription tick and the amount you want to transfer, and then enter the recipient wallet address.

After confirming the inputs, click “Next” to approve your transfer request in your wallet.


View Balance

You can check your Suirc20 inscription balance under the “Balance” page. As more ecosystem wallets integrate the Suirc20 standard, you will be able to view your inscription balance in wallets directly soon.


Deploy a New Inscription

If you are an expert of inscription and want to initiate a brand new Suirc20 inscription series to promote it to the public, you can deploy your own.

Just switch the tag to “Deploy” under the “Inscribe” page. Set a unique Tick name for the new inscription (can’t be the same as existing ones, which will be rejected). And then set the Total Supply and Limit Per Mint for your inscription.

Besides, you need to set the Mint Fee for your inscriptions, which determines how many SUI tokens users need to spend for a single mint.

To avoid your inscriptions from being completely minted in too short a time, you also need to set a limit for Max Mint Per Minute, indicating up to how many mint times are allowed for your series for each minute.

After completing all the inputs, click “Next” to execute your deploy request.


Currently, it only supports the deployment of basic Suirc20 inscriptions. The text, image inputs and other media input will be supported soon, as well as the Inscription Marketplace. Further tutorials will be published when new features are ready. Please stay tuned.